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Foot Operated Poly Sealers

Foot pedal operated poly bag sealer with sizes available from 12", 18", 24", 30" and 35" long
Hand Impulse Poly Sealers
Manually operated poly impulse sealers, sizes available from 4", 8", 12", 16" and 24" long
Model 1120C Continuous Band Sealer
Great entry level continuous band sealer. Running speeds of up to 394"/minute. Includes dry ink roller for date code, lot # etc.
Foot pedal operated poly bag sealer
Foot Operated Poly Bag Sealers
Motorized jaw sealer
Motorized Jaw Sealers
Foot operated poly jaw sealer
Model PJ Manually Operated Poly Sealers
A manual bag sealer will seal an average of 10 to 12 bags per minute depending on operator speed. The operator controls pressure and dwell by how long and how hard they step on the foot pedal. The unit must be mounted to the work surface or stand. A clearance hole must be drilled through the work surface for connecting the foot pedal to the sealer. The foot pedal and guard must be secured to the floor.
Table Top Band Sealer
Great table top entry level continuous band sealer. 
Hand operated poly bag sealers
A Motor Jaw Sealer is a versatile, motorized heat sealing machine that provides either continuous automatic or intermittent stop/start cycling with the flip of a switch.
Model 1120C PDF
Bag Sealers
ME300HI Hand Operated impulse Poly Sealer
Foot Operated Poly Bag Sealer
Motorized Jaw Sealer
Table Top Band Sealer
Model 1120C Continuous Band Sealer
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Hand Operated Poly Bag Sealers
Motorized Jaw Sealers
Continuous Band Sealers

Vertical Band Sealer-Stainless Steel Construction 1/2 HP Motor, 2 Sets of Heating Blocks, Right Feed, Dry ink coding, 110 volt, 0-315”/min seal speed, 8mm seal width, 11.8” wide conveyor

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