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PP1519ECMC Shrink wrapping system All-in-One Sealer / Tunnel combo machine
Semi-Automatic Shrink Systems
Pallet Stretch Wrappers
PP-981HP, PP-981LP, PP-983HP, PP-983LP pallet stretch wrapping machines
Horizontal Form Fill & Seal
Shrink Tunnels
Table Top    |    Portable Sealers    |    Poly Bag Sealers   |   Continuous Band Sealers
Labeling Equipment
Bags On Roll Sealer
Strapping Machines
Shrink Sleeve Applicator
Table top "I" Bar Sealer
Table top "L" Bar Sealer
Foot pedal operated poly sealer
Continuous Band Sealer
Horizonal Flow Wrappers, Horizontal form fill and seal machines, FFS machines, flow wrappers
Shrink Tunnels
T-1000 bag sealer, Bags on Roll Sealer
Strapping Machines
Shrink Sleeve Applicator
Carton Erectors
X-Ray Machines
Banding Machines
Overwrap Machines
Induction Sealers
Vertical FFS
Poly Bundlers
Skin Pkg Machines
Blister Sealing Machines
Packaging Equipment
Twist Tie Machines
Weigh Scales
Shrink Banding Tunnels
All-in-One Sealer Tunnel combination machine
PP-BS3C Shrink Banding Tunnels for neck bands, shrink bands, pre-forms
PP-801, EC-801Carton Erector
X-Ray Machine
Box Overwrap Machines, CD/DVD overwrap machines
Induction Sealers
Vertical form fill and seal machines, vertical flow wrappers, VFFS machines

Poly bundlers, polyethylene wrapping machines, poly overwrap machines.
Hannan Skin Packaging
Hannan Blister Sealing
Tach-It Twist Tie Machines, Plasties, Plastec
PP1622MK-Comb L' Sealer and Shrink tunnel on same frame Combination Machines
Paper and plastic Banding Machine
Drop Sealer and Bag Opener
Flexible skatewheel Conveyors
Automatic L' Sealer & Tunnel
PP-5300 Automatic L Sealer and Tunnel combination machine
Automatic Side Seal Machine
INT-20 and INT-30 Side Seal Machines with servo drive, high speed
Carton Sealers 
CT-50, PP-703. EC-703, EC-701, EC-702A, PP-702A PP-701 Semi-automatic and random Carton Sealers
Weigh Scales, platform scales, industrial scales

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At Excel Packaging we offer one of the most complete and competitive lines of packaging equipment available. If you don't see it on our website, please ask and we will help determine the right packaging machine for you.

Excel Packaging sells to all types of industries. This type of equipment is used in many different types of organizations from bakeries to printing companies to any company that manufactures a product that needs to be packaged. 

Excel Packaging also supplies the packaging materials for these machines such as the shrink films. We stand behind our products with the best warranties in the industry and we service what we sell. Click HERE for Supplies.

We also provide consulting for maintenance, repair and training on every piece of equipment. Click HERE for Services.
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