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Machine Size
End Seal Bar
Packaging Size
1795 x 990 x 1575
565 x 460
(100-450) x (60-350) x (5-120)mm
220V / 1 Phase
3 kW
55psi, 6kg/
Automatic L-Bar Sealer

Part No: PP-5600E

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  • A wide range of products can be packaged
  • An economical packing solution
  • Safety protection and alarm attached
  • The sealing system is capable of performing smooth and firm sealing line.
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Use of photo sensors and timers controls the bag length for sealing
  • Excellent perforation system design allows pin changed easily
PP-5600CS Automatic Inline
L-Bar Sealer with 35"L x 24"W seal area
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The new fully automatic PP-5600E is an entry-level automatic sealer which provides an economical, durable and easily-operated solution for packaging. It is also widely applicable to various industries such as toys, cosmetics, tools, foods, stationeries, daily commodities, electric appliances, etc. With the uniqueness of the perforation system, it has been successfully granted us a leading position in the industry.
PP-5300 Combo Automatic 
L-Bar Sealer with Shrink Tunnel
19”L x 16”W x 5”H Seal Area
PP-5600CS Fully automatic L' Sealer, high speed to 40 PPM
PP-9070CS, Automatic Inline 
L-Bar Sealer with 35" L x 24" W seal area
PP-5600E Fully automatic L Bar Sealer
  • Kissing conveyor belt
  • Adjustable conveyor speed option
  • Knife for extra-strong sealing
  • Eye-mark sensor
  • Maximum packing height increase
  • Different infeed conveyors
                - Flight bar conveyor
                - Finger belt conveyor
                - Harmonic conveyor
  • Feeder for various products
PP-5600 Combo Automatic 
L-Bar Sealer with Shrink Tunnel
25”L x 16”W x 5”H Seal Area
PP-5600E Brochure

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PP-5600E/1808-20 Set 
L-Bar Sealer with Shrink Tunnel