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TZ-888 is a fully automatic paper banding machine that can use either paper or plastic material. Simply place product under arch and press the start button or push the foot pedal or set to automatic mode and machine will automatically cycle via photo sensor activation.

Machine Dimensions: 16.7" L x 13" W x 16"H
Machine Speed: 20-25 PPM
Power: 110 volt
Model BP-11 fully automatic paper or plastic banding machine
Paper and Plastic Banding Machines
10,20,30 or 40mm Tape Width

Pkg Width: 40-240mm (1.5”-9.5”)
Pkg Height: 5-140mm (1/4”-5.5”)
Speed: 20-25 PPM 110 Volt

Uses 500 ft tape rolls

Same as TZ-888 with arch and larger package capacity.

Pkg Width: 40-270mm (1.5”-10.5”)
Pkg Height: 5-170mm (1/4”-6.7”)

Same specifications as TZ-888 
With larger tape roll capacity 
2,000 ft rolls​
Same specifications as TZ-888A with arch and larger package capacity and larger tape roll capacity 2,000 ft rolls
Tape rolls available in paper (White or Brown)or plastic (Clear)

500 ft or 2000 ft rolls available

500 ft rolls packed 40 rolls per case, 2000 ft rolls packed 20 rolls per case

Available in 10, 20, 30 or 40mm tape width

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